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Social Media Facades

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

I love social media because you can reinvent yourself as you learn and grow. I know I have broke myself down and rebuilt this mind more times than I can count. I've done this with the rawness that many judge me for. I've fucked up and let it shine. I've succeeded and also let that shine.

I dislike social media because it is only part of the story. The highlight reel. What they want others to see. The seemingly perfect façade.

The façade of social media is unfortunately overwhelming for most people — to the point where the posts you are seeing on the daily are about as real as Heidi Montag's rack.

You may think you are looking at a photograph with a little light filtering or a snap chat filter thrown in for good measure — but really you have thrusted into an alternate reality. The truth is; every picture every tweet — and every post, is most likely intricately fabricated and contemplated piece. All in an effort to curate an image. An image that is designed to make us all feel like we belong.

Most people, especially the creative introverted types, lack the necessary excitement or glamour in their life to reach the sought after approval and social media climb. The façade needs to be manipulated with some better angling and beautiful wording. The ones whom have mastered this art are the ones at the top. The ones you see frequently in your feed. The ones you view as perfect.

I have been trained to question every thing I see on social media — as it is common knowledge that many people yearn for acceptance and are working with individual agendas.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting some beautifully fucked up humans over the last couple years. You know — the ones people swoon over and think they have everything all figured out. Our so called influencers.

Guess what. They are human. They fuck up too. Usually they are the ones that have problems that rival what most society would consider a wasted life. Behind the scenes they are just like you and perhaps even struggling more so than you in this thing called life.This isn’t a bad thing at all in my eyes.

What sets a lot of them apart from the average person is they have the drive to fix themselves and understand the why behind their self sabotaging behaviors. When they figure this shit out — they attempt to help others navigate the web of life. They do so by constructing their façade in a way that portrays wisdom and perfection. Kind of fucked if you think about it.

It is natural for us to judge and compare when we are surrounded by this illusion of perfection. We are pack animals and most of us want to feel a sense of belonging. Most people want to fit into societal norms.

I refuse to compare myself to someone else's highlighted fake moments. I want the real life messy shit.

By choosing what I view on social media and other forms of media, I’m creating my reference point for ‘normal’.

I have little inhibitions about sharing my real life struggles, thoughts, and highlights — because I’m not constantly being indoctrinated with how things should be to be.

I don't need anymore fabricated lifestyle ideas planted in my pretty little head, because this is exactly what impacts my authenticity.

Take not here: the dose makes the poison. The amount of exposure you have is ultimately what predicts what you view as reality.

If everything you view is judgment based and fake as fuck — you start thinking its reality.

Remember this today friends: everyone is fighting their own battle. Some feel inclined to share and attempt to paint a pretty little picture. Others are quiet about their struggles.

This does not mean these individual's don't experience the ups and downs life has to offer. We need to remember that media personalities arn't authentic.

The ones solely posting the highlight reels are the ones in the most pain in my experience. Struggling to always put out a false image and judging the fuck outa’ themselves and others. So be kind, to everyone. Even the IG girls that post nothing but ass shots. Even the influencers that hide behind their catchy quotes and perceived lifestyle wisdoms.

You aren’t better for putting the puzzle of life together quicker than someone else. Others aren’t better for seemingly being more perfect in their beautifully strung together words and photos. They too are fighting a battle in their minds. We all are in this thing called life together.

Anyways, much love friends and hope everyone is having an excellent messy real human day.

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