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The Illusion Of Reality

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

I sometimes fall into the trap of thinking that my perception of a situation is reality for everyone.

Faulty information and past life experiences jade my mind sometimes. I am human.

Realizing that this occurs is the first step in correcting it. Once we become aware we can shift our thoughts to looking at everything objectively and without attachment.

So how do we do this?

Numero uno; we need to untangle where our perceptions originate. They are primarily formed via our significant experiences… but that’s only a fraction. Because life and it’s significant experiences are filled with strong emotions and cognitive biases.

The second element in the union of perceptions is our stored information.

When we are littles — we are told that marriage is good, or we are told that it is bad.

We are informed how to look at the wealthy humans, homeless humans, preachers, and sex workers.

Information surrounds us and we have been conditioned to view the world a certain way. Also at play; we live in the information age —> also known as the self important opinion age.Unfortunately, a lot of that information is complete bullshit. Dr. Google has failed you multiple times with your most certain death within 24 hours — right?

Bad experiences and bad/lacking information results in faulty perceptions.

Faulty perceptions will then lead to misdirection and disconnection.

Our information is what we use to process our experiences and form our new perceptions.

  • Sometimes we have bad experiences with good information.

  • Sometimes we have good experiences with bad information.

  • Other times, it’s entirely one or the other.

Do you see how insane it is to think that your perception of reality is the correct one with all these variables?

The road out of this mess.

Find voices of wisdom

We often times spend most of our time with people who are the same age and have the same INFORMATION that we do. We like to surround ourselves with humans that confirm our biases due to the avoidance of cognitive dissonance and the pain associated.

So you will need to be consciously aware of this and seek people out that challenge your beliefs.

Expand your education

Spend time with people who have been around longer than you and listen to what they have to say. Don’t always listen with the intent to reply. Really fucking listen.

Find leaders, books, and systems — that have, or are doing what you want with your life, and listen. Practice what they embody. Have multiple sources and don’t be fanatical about any one method.

Remember this:

Understanding how our perceptions are formed gives us power to reform them.

If we can change our perceptions, we can change our inner world which permeates into our outer world.

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