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Why Are Some People Resistant To Change?

One of the biggest obstacles of self-evolution is our self-identity.

Let me break that down for you…

In order to move forward in our beliefs, we need to unlearn old beliefs. But that’s really hard to do when you associate your old beliefs with your self-identity because you essentially need to break down who you are in order to become a better version of yourself.

So, think about people who’s entire identity is wrapped up in a belief system. In nutrition, this includes people like Gary Taubes, Jimmy Moore, Nina Teicholz, and Zoe Harcombe. These individuals have based their entire identity on fighting the conventional viewpoint, meaning that it is going to be incredibly difficult for them to evolve their knowledge and be a better version of themselves since that would involve tearing down what they stand for.

You have to empathize with how difficult that would be. From their perspective, staying the path and preserving their ego is the most important thing because that is their livelihood. That’s understandable. But this fixed mindset is definitely inhibiting their ability to grow and self-actualize.

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