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Why We Judge Others & What To Do About It

Why do we judge?

Simply, because it helps us avoid looking inward. It’s an ego defense mechanism and is often deeply rooted in shame.

We judge people because we have unconscious beliefs about their actions. We see those actions as shameful, naughty, bad, etc.

Once we are aware of why we are judging, we can start to separate ourselves from the judging. This isn’t saying you’ll ever escape judging others or escaped being judged; it is saying that we can start operating from our higher self by sitting with these thoughts and asking the question, “why am I judging?” or “why are they judging me?”

What happens when we question our own faulty logic, negative patterns, and detrimental conditioning—is we open fully to seeing the humanness in others. We are all human after all. Some with better software downloaded than others.

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