Stress Kills

March 4, 2019




 Stress. It’s killing you… Or so you think… 


Check this. Stress is caused by giving a fuck. It is caused by something you really care about. 


If you didn’t care, it would be a non issue. 


This is a good thing. 


This is what gives life meaning. If we didn’t care about anything or anyone then what is the point of existence?


So I encourage you to change your perception of stress from being something to run from and something that is all ‘bad’ — to one of radical acceptance of what is and a display of what you find valuable in your life. 


Reframe: I am so grateful to even have this (situation) to be stressed about.


We can then move to figuring out what is the driving value behind the stress. 


  • Dieting is stressing you out? The underlying value is most likely due to you wanting to succeed.


  • Work is stressing you out? The underlying value is most likely due to you wanting to do good at your job.


  • Kids stressing you out? The underlying value is most likely rooted in the fact that you want to be a good parent. 


With the awareness of what your values are — we can redirect the energy that stress gives us to an action that better aligns with our value system — rather than using the energy to run from or manage the stress.  


This thought repatterining is something that takes ongoing practice. It’s not like you will being able to undo years of working yourself into a frenzy and using all your energy on avoidance tactics in one shot. 


Give it time and don’t give up. 


The things that stress us out are our most valuable learning tools and motivators to show up in the world how we want to.


It pushes us to embody and live out our values and ethical standards. 


Chanel the energy baby. 


Stress is truly a gift. 




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